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Maxillofacial Surgery

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Transform Your Smile through Maxillofacial Surgery

Your smile is a crucial part of who you are. When it comes to facial reconstruction, especially procedures involving the oral cavity, you need a specialized touch. That’s where our skilled maxillofacial surgeons step in, performing surgical wonders to enhance both the form and function of your face. In this dental education guide, we will explore the world of maxillofacial surgery and how it can transform your smile.

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What is Maxillofacial Surgery?

Maxillofacial surgery is a specialized branch of oral and facial surgery that focuses on treating conditions related to the face, jaw, and neck. This type of surgery involves procedures such as orthognathic surgery, corrective jaw surgery, dental implants, and reconstructive surgeries for trauma or congenital defects.

Denture Fatigue and Maxillofacial Surgery

If you’ve been wearing dentures for an extended period, you may encounter issues such as the loss of gum tissue and even bone. The wear and tear of dentures on the soft tissues of the mouth can lead to these problems. In severe cases, maxillofacial surgery becomes a viable solution. Procedures may include bone grafts, manipulation of soft tissues, or jaw realignment to rectify these issues and restore optimal oral health.

Maxillofacial Surgery Can Help Those with an Improperly Aligned Jaw

Maxillofacial surgery is an excellent option for individuals with protruding chins, crooked or buck teeth, or misaligned teeth. In some cases, jaws do not grow at the same rate, resulting in various alignment issues.

Beyond cosmetic concerns, an improperly aligned jaw can lead to functional problems with speech, chewing, and even affect the tongue and lips. Jaw surgery, often complemented by orthodontic appliances like braces, can bring the jaws into proper alignment, resolving both appearance and functionality issues.

Signs You May Need Maxillofacial Surgery

Curious about whether maxillofacial surgery is the right choice for you? Here are some telltale signs that suggest you may benefit from this type of surgery:

What to Expect During Maxillofacial Surgery

Embarking on a maxillofacial surgery journey at Reagin Family Dentistry involves personalized care and attention. Our team will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you are well-informed and comfortable every step of the way.

The surgical procedure itself varies depending on your specific concerns, whether it involves jaw realignment, denture-related issues, or other maxillofacial matters. Our surgeons utilize advanced techniques to provide precise and effective results. You can expect a seamless combination of surgical expertise and compassionate care, all aimed at achieving optimal outcomes.

Is Maxillofacial Surgery Right for You?

At Reagin Family Dentistry, we prioritize your well-being above all else. If you’re dealing with denture fatigue, jaw misalignment, or other maxillofacial issues, our experienced surgeons are ready to evaluate your individual needs. We will work with you to determine the most suitable course of action, providing personalized care and expertise to help transform your smile.

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